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Do you break into a cold sweat if you don't have your fix of Macintosh information every day? Can't find the answer in the documentation? Want to know about the latest software and hardware updates? Want to be able to contact other people at educational institutions state wide that use and know about the Macintosh OS? Have I got the List Server for you.

MACGURU was created just for this purpose. This list is NOT just for "gurus." The list itself is a guru, "a teacher and intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern." Hence the name.

MACGURU is ONLY open to persons at institutions of education through their institution's email address. If you are not able to subscribe to MACGURU please contact the list moderator.

The kind of information that might be sent to MACGURU includes Macintosh hardware and software info, bugs and fixes, software updates, announcements, etc.

You can ask MACGURU any question you want or send it any information you think the list would be interested in. Please keep topics to things about the Macintosh. (i.e., Apple Computer, Macintosh hardware, software, the Mac OS, Mac OS X, etc.)


Send the e-mail message:

sub macguru your_name

(i.e., sub macguru Jane Doe) to:

Remember! Macintosh/Apple topics only please. Spammers will be shot on site!

To Remove Yourself From MACGURU:

Send the e-mail message:

signoff macguru


Make sure you send the mail from the same source/host you used when you joined the list.

To send mail to or ask questions of the MACGURU mailing list:

Send your question to:

MACGURU Archives

You can search the archives, post to the list and Join or leave the list (or your change settings) here:


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